New Orders/New cd otw

Just ordered a new batch of Fragment, which is always a happy feeling, because that means people have bought the last batch! 

I am excited to record another album this winter!!! I have songs galore that I am having to use a little focus and discipline to actually finish, lyrics second cello and all...But I like the different aspect of the studio....it is a cool environment. Always better live, but the studio is fun. 

On another note, I met Melora Creager from Rasputina the other night when they played Asheville. She said she had tried to contact me years ago through my old website, several times, and it didn't work. She had contacted me to play in Rasputina! I said and really meant that it would be awesome. I have listened to Rasputina for over 10 years and loved it, as well as really admiring Melora for the path she has foraged for other cellist....

So outside of all that things go as per usual...Working as bartender/waitress and trying to move forward with Polly Panic. 

    If you were to write a song telling a story, what would it be about?