A journey in Rasputina

Today I begin traveling, heading to (roughly), Albany NY. Once there, will practice for a week with Melora of Rasputina, music I have listened to and loved for over ten years...probably closer to 15

I usually am driven to write a blog update when feeling sad and overwhelmed. This time is different....happy and surreal...and a little anxious of course. 

This will be a journey taken in day by day, a moment at a time. The music has been the kind that you can ride around in the car, feeling like your world is over but its okay cause there is this song you can hit repeat and play at top volume...The kind that is your only friend and the only comfort place. The kind that doesn't need words. The cello holds it all. That is what this music is, and has been, for me.  I have been working, since I auditioned and got in to Rasp, to make sure that my hands know the parts, so that we can put the parts together and the whole song will take the lead and the players and their parts (xept melora of course), fall away.

I guess its safe to say I am excited. 

When I come back I will be finishing my own album and doing shows and press, and as many Rasputina Shows as they will have me do.  But that is on the other end of the Rainbow as far as I am concerned. Because, right now, I have to pack!! And hit the road. 

I will be updating frequently! Stay tuned and get to a show if you can