Travels with Rasputina, Oct 10

We had our first show last night, kind of a practice show for me. smaller and less intense. Which was a good thing. The music itself is very hard, but I was getting through it. AND then...my pick up on my cello goes out. All we get is hissing...no cello going through whatsoever...so everything kind of stops and everyone waits patiently while I fiddle with cello...sound guy runs onstage to help. Check all chords, connections, everything. Finally gets down to the pick up on my cello, there was no other option. Melora is amusing everyone through all of this with her humor, as she does, But they finally must continue without me. So I run off stage and get another battery for my pick up, and different chords...that is not the problem. Finally we mic the acoustic cello and I continue. But the really funny part is that while I am trying to fix the cello, one strap on my dress breaks and my boob is almost out...almost. 

It was very entertaining and really funny. Good for first show....Now...the tour. Fix cello and try to make sure boob doesn't fall out on stage. !