New Polly Panic album

Very happy to say that I have finished all tracking for the new album. Mixing will start next week and I plan to have it out late spring? I am very excited about this album. It is raw, and it is good. Very exciting. I don't have any new Rasputina news, except not to expect any tours in the next little bit...Melora has been doing it for 20 yrs...it gets old...!

Outside of touring in Rasputina and finishing the new Polly Panic album I have been pleased to play in a few different performances...mostly Asheville's Poetry Cabaret and                  Seduction Sideshow...both featured burlesque and magic, the former obviously having slam poets and the latter putting on a huge production entitled "the 7 deadly sins"...and it was as interesting as it sounds. I played for rage. Perfect. 

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