Album release!

Finally! I started the "Losing Form" recording sessions over a year and a half ago. Before I was done recording I got into Rasputina so I immediately halted recording and took up intensive practicing...(it was the Thanks for the Ether tour...not easy)Then touring in Rasp and protesting in Washington when Dump was elected...I was relaxing and gearing up to go to work again and then found out I was pregnant! And went off my meds...The pregnancy part was joyous in its purpose but the actuality of it was really rough on me...because of the meds and intense depression...(what is the point of existence kind...), so between that and trying to work at an after school music program those nine months were full...my ability to function was pretty low. BUT! on nov 29th, 2017 Ash was born! he is beautiful and joyful and it is hard! Especially the beginning. I was put back on meds about 6 weeks after because i had to. I was a sinking ship. I didn't want to quit breastfeeding but Ash needed me to be alive before anything else. THEN...i was halted by the fact that I am incapable of doing computer graphics. but finally I found someone who is not, and therefore we actually have a cd. ! Jesus. I am auditioning drummers and gearing up for Polly Panic shows this summer, and sad to say Rasputina is not going to be touring this year (unless Melora changes her mind) so Polly Panic shows will be all. I am going to build a new website, but the album can be had on bandcamp (www.pollypanic.bandcamp.com), or I can mail out a physical cd. I do feel it is my best yet. You should always hope to get better and better at your craft...right? Love for now, 

 Polly Panic