Bogged down

I have this adorable baby in my face and I can't stop obsessing over the people who are more successful than me in their musical careers. I never wanted to be ultra famous, just successful enough to live off of the music if I tour a few times a year and put out one new album every year. I have been on a few small labels and nothing really changed....I have always waited for some invisible line to be crossed. I am at arms length of these people, and am obsessed with my failure to be where they are. It has dawned on me that rather than obsessing I could look at what they actually did...and sometimes its being in the right place at the right time. Knowing the right person. Melora in Rasputina just happened to know someone who knew Kurt Cobain when they wanted a different cellist, etc... I can't do much about that except for network more and stop being in my hidey hole all the time with my baby and my cello. But some of them put logic to the task....who is your target audience and how do you reach them?. Then brainstorm. If anyone out there wants to help me brainstorm, please let me know! I am proud of my new album, it really is my best I think, and now I need to figure out how to get it out there. Because....I want to go tour Europe damnit! (without financial ruin). The other thing that I have been obsessing over is Rasputina touring without me this year. I know it could be seen as a chore to have a baby on tour, and that the members have always been revolving. I am still in Rasp, they just went with a percussionist instead of a 2nd cellist this year. It is just so frustrating...It feels like finally having success! and then... losing it.  But I can't be too down about that cause there will be future Rasputina tours I am sure. Now I hear my sweet baby boy crying for his mom! Gotta go. 

p.s. looking for people to help me do my first ever music video...