Only need one


 I have to admit I have been super discouraged lately. I am bad at advertisement and marketing. Just bad at it. As a result shows are not always well attended. 

When you get several shows in a row with low attendance, discouragement can happen. This has been the case lately, every since a small summer stint I went on in July. Switching jobs around at home and all kinds of stuff and just falling short on promotion. 

So this last Polly Panic show started kind of rough. My heart wasn't in it at first. 

I walked in and there was a big dinner going on with older middle aged people right in front of where I was going to be playing and I am not background music....ya know?

So I started out at 50%, way to self aware, and I had definitely NOT stepped into POLLY PANIC land. Way too self aware. 

towards end of first song I started to notice cameras. People had seated themselves around the dinner party and had cameras out, some singing. 

A girl walked up and told me she had been waiting for PP show all week. 

A man that had seen me recently in Knoxville came to this JC show and brought friends. 

I hated that I had not started at 100% and that these people got anything less than all. 

Thank you .  Every ONE.  You are why. 

You are why


Welcome to the new home of Polly Panic!

We needed an overhaul for quite a while, and there's no better time to bring you all just that.

I've had to keep things quiet, but I'm proud to announce that Polly Panic is now officially a member of the Gold Ship Records family!

A cool little joint housed in East Tennessee, Gold Ship has seen the potential in us and we're going to be working our hardest to reach new plateaus.

Be on the look-out for upcoming shows and news on a new album, coming soon!